We provide a 24H/24 and 7J/7 video-checking (with camera during the night) and 2 veterinarians on site to take care of your mares to foal.


In addition to this essential permanent checking, we put a vulval magnet. When foaling starts, the gauge of vulval lips disconnects the magnet that send a signal to the alarm and to the connected phone. This system is the more secured and reliable at the moment.


We also provide a specific care for new born foals during the first hours of life, the more critic.


         Those neonatal cares are :


  • clinical evaluation of the new-born foal


  • evaluation of the colostrum quality and quantity. If we have any doubt or if the mare does not have enough colostrum, we give to the foal a colostrum that we are sure of the quality. This comes from our frozen colostrum stock


  • if needed, use of nursing bottle or nasogastric tube to provide the colostrum


  • checking of the normal progress during the first hours (foal getting up, suckling, passage of meconium, first urine...)


  • administration of anti-tetanus and trivalent serums


  • in any doubt or if you ask for we can also check the quality of immunity transfer with the SWAP foal kit (SNAP foal®)


  • clinical examination after 24h of life (tone, plumbs...)

Of course we also take care of the mare after foaling and we especially check that she releases the placenta entirely and if stitches are needed...

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