Fond of horse breeding and also riders, we breed 1 to 3 mares every year mostly with the stallions standing on site because if we advise our clients to use them it's because we believe in their qualities.


Our first broodmare was Katel (Starter and Agile by Ibrahim) - ISO 125 and finalist of the 6 years old categoty at Fontainebleau.


It is the motherline of Eve des Etisses (great sport horse with Hubert Bourdy), Gold de Bécourt (national stallion)...



Here below are some references born at La Bouloye, descending from  Katel :



(Benroy x Katel)

ISO 135



Joyau de Bloye

(Diamant de Semilly x Diamond de Bloye)

ISO 141 - Stallion, prematurely dead


Opportune de Bloye

(Quito de Baussy x Valladolid)

ISO 147 - Finalist French Championship

Exported in Switzerland



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